Another Life

  • Type: Commission
  • Genre: Dance film
  • Date: 2020-01-10
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Duration: 3:25

Watch a trailer here

Rely on your fundament, you don’t have to change anything about that.'

About the inevitable end of a dance career and how to move on to a new life whilst maintaining the fundament that the dancer built while dancing.

In Another Life the dancer, architect and boy look back and ahead on their professional life.

Fergus Riem Vis made this short movie commissioned by ODN. The choreography is by Fernando Troya.

Director: Fergus Riem Vis

Actors: Jort Breure (boy), Har Smeets (frontman) and Ronald Top (architect)

Choreographer: Fernando Troya

Dancers: Antoine Coppi, Joan Ferré Gomez, Sukadeva Horn, Ricky Nainggolan, Giovanni Pisas, Sophie Prins, Lív Smáradóttir and Ivan Ugrin