• Type: Commission
  • Genre: Dance
  • Date: 2018-05-01
  • Location: AHK AMsterdam, Spui Theatre Den Haah
  • Number of performers: 5
  • Duration: 24 min
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The Dreaming of Reason Awakens Monsters is the latest chapter from the series Reminiscente. It is based on themes seen in the work of Francisco de Goya (light and shadows, witchcraft, creatures, the Disasters of War...) and Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

It is a piece created for the 3rd year students of the AHK in Amsterdam in 2019. Fernando Troya had the possibility to explore the concept with a bigger group of dancers – the previous chapters of the Reminiscente series had one or two dancers only; this time it was a group of five young performers (see credits).

The research Reminiscente had already taken Fernando on a path with props (lamp(s), plastic sheets, sticks...). In this new chapter, thanks to the University's resources, Fernando had the opportunity to explore a lot more props: wooden boxes, a bigger number of sticks, rope, wooden and plastic planks, among other objects.

This time, the difficulty was making all those objects be part of the piece, make them dance with us, make them part of us. It was a difficult but beautiful creative process; dancers had to squeeze their creativity and brains out to make the piece work. In the end, I was more than ever in love with working with objects, the possibilities they bring in the studio, and the beauty they add up on stage. – Fernando Troya

Original music by Marko Ivic.

Concept and choreography by Fernando Troya.

Choreographer’s assistants: Tamara Beudeker & Roos van Berkel (with help from dancer Sam Corvers as external eye)

Dancers: Amber Smits, Amber Veltman, Noa Yehoshua, Sophie Mueller Lange, Antoine Coppi