• Type: Commission
  • Genre: Dance
  • Date: 2022-01-24
  • Location: CODARTS, Dutch national tour, Centre national de la danse, Paris
  • Number of performers: 11
  • Duration: 10 min
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The main inspirations are the lost kids of Peter Pan and queer raving. 

But the core of this piece is the freedom of its interpreters: there is a very clear structure regarding movement and time but dancers are fully free (and encouraged) to take initiative and make new decisions every time. This makes the piece unique every time it is performed. For the spectator, chaos appears and organization falls back together, like a puzzle that a kid is trying to solve, getting close and then again not quite... a never ending story in Neverland.


  • Joel Leupi
  • Szymon Walawender
  • Michele Simi
  • Jaime Neves Belizario
  • Chris Roosenburg
  • Thomas Meziane
  • Andrea Lippolis
  • Jose Garrido Vargas
  • Gaetano Tricomi
  • Lourenço Marques
  • Mandela Giudice
  • Nolan Millioud
  • Edoardo Silva
  • Teade Abma