The animal that takes you

The animal that takes you

  • Type: Commission
  • Genre: Dance
  • Date: 2017-02-27
  • Location: National Theatre in Budapest
  • Number of performers: 7
  • Duration: 30 min

The animal that takes you has been created for Budapest Dance Theatre and premiered at the National Theatre in Budapest on 27th February 2017.

How deep do you allow yourself to dig within? How many times a day do you get lost in your own thoughts? What if those thoughts came through to reality?

In this creation I tried to explore those questions. What is inside of us that can take us far, or close... wherever we need/want to travel. Memories, fears, joy, rejection... childhood.

Childhood keeps appearing in my work, it seems important. In fact, this process was almost about going back to it. Tomas Kiss had a solo where childhood was placed on his hands, in the form of a simple shirt; Kisztina Baumgartner was the hopeful one, dreaming away from life; Jennifer Vattai the fighter, struggling through the body, trying to bring body and mind to peace.

Choreography: Fernando Troya.

Music: Carlos Ema.

Pictures: Taken (and donated) by Jókúti György and Rudolf Herbst.

Thank you.