Uncertain Distance

  • Type: Commission
  • Genre: dance
  • Date: 2016-10-21
  • Location: National Theatre Helsinki
  • Number of performers: 5
  • Duration: 20
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Uncertain Distance is a work made for Ballet Finland in 2016, which world premiered on October 21st, at the Finnish National Opera.

What is the distance that separates you from others? Have you ever thought about how that distance feels? How it affects you?

There is something about personal distance that interests me deeply. It changes in every country, though we treat that space differently at home, at work and on the street. What is it? Can you feel it like an extension of your own body? When do we start acknowledging it and making it part of our daily lives? To me , it is amazing just  how developed those elements are in our lives and how little aware of it we are. There is something so important about space between people; we are probably like fish in the water, dancing together from a distance, without knowing it.

Music by Carlos Ema.